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The company DEZA Kovodružstvo Praha was established in 1991. In 2004, all production activities were transferred to the newly established company DEZA Praha, sro The abbreviation DEZA hides three more than clear words:   Cooperative of elite locksmiths. It currently operates on t... Read more

Franta Anýž

Franta Anýž (1876 - 1934) was a emperor, marquetry, medalist and carver in Prague. He trained at the Komarov ironworks. He then joined the School of Arts and Crafts in Prague. In 1902, together with his classmate Prokop Nováček, he founded a new plant for the production of cast a... Read more

Hynek Gottwald, Brandýs nad Orlicí

The company was founded by Ignác (Hynek) Gottwald in 1894 as a shop with household goods, among other things, for the sale and production of furniture based in Prague. In 1913 he specialized in the production of then fashionable brass furniture (especially beds, bedside and flowe... Read more

J&J Kohn

Jacob and Josef Kohn were Austrian furniture manufacturers and interior designers based in Vienna. Jacob and his son Josef founded their company in 1849 in Vsetín in Moravia. J&J Kohn soon became a direct competitor of Thonet and one of the most important furniture manufactur... Read more

J. Vorel, Praha Vinohrady

Manufacturer of lighting and metal furniture for dentists' surgeries, which occasionally designed its own products, especially lamps. A. Heythum tubular furniture was also produced in his workshop in Vinohrady, Prague. Read more

Karel Vaňura, Brno

Karel Vaňura (1937 - 2018) was a Czech glass artist, graphic artist, painter and pedagogue. He focused mainly on classic stained glass based on lead, which he enriched with new elements (a combination of painting, etched elements and inserts made of cut glass). Read more

Kohn et Mundus, Vídeň

In 1849, the company J&J Kohn was founded by Jacob Kohn and his son Josef in Vsetín, Moravia. In 1867 they expanded their business and renamed the company "Public trading company for the production of bentwood furniture. In 1917 Mundus merged with Kohny to form MUNDUS KOHN AG... Read more

Kovona n.p.

The company was founded in 1913 by the then owner Petr Vichr. At the beginning of 1914, the import and installation of energy and machinery began. At the end of 1914, the production of small household appliances began - shovels, hangers, lids, but also metal furniture. Later, mor... Read more


The design and manufacture of high-quality steel furniture has a tradition of more than eight decades in Mauser. In 1929, under the leadership of the company's founder Dr. Ing. Alfons Mauser introduced the first successful steel models. It included the now world-famous console ch... Read more


The company followed the history and companies Hlubočeská and Marientálská joint-stock company for industry and trade in iron goods "Moravia" in Olomouc, which was founded in 1870. On the plots of the former ironworks Josef Zvěřina Ignaz Carl Machanek gradually built a successful... Read more

Mücke-Melder, Fryštát

The company began production in 1928 from furniture made of nickel-plated and chrome-plated steel. The first type was a spring chair designed by A. Lurcat for the company Thonet, whose designs he often used under license. Arnošt Beck designed her own design for it. Read more


The NAPAKO production cooperative was founded in 1919 as a special-purpose association of small private companies dealing primarily with construction metal production. The nature of the production activity was enshrined in NAPAKO's own word logo - toolmakers-passers-metal stamper... Read more

Robert Slezák, Bystřice pod Hostýnem

The company was founded by Robert Slezák as a locksmith and metalworking workshop in 1908 in Bystřice pod Hostýnem. In 1911 he expanded it with a galvanizing plant and in 1913 he started to produce brass furniture. In 1921, due to a lack of non-ferrous metals, he produced iron, w... Read more


Since 1930, a manufacturer of metal furniture in Prague-Holešovice. The standard production was mostly copies of Thonet designs, edited in collaboration with František Langer. After nationalization, it became part of the ZUKOV company. Read more

SBS - Standardní bytová společnost Brno

Founded by J. Vanek after his departure from UP races. Its goal was the production of assemblable and foldable furniture for small apartments. She produced tubular seating furniture only for interiors designed by architect J. Hesoun. Read more

Spojené UP závody Brno

They were established in 1921 by merging the Brno furniture company J. Slavička and the Jan Vaňek Arts and Crafts Workshops in Třebíč. The initiator of the company was Jan Vaněk, who strived for quality and purpose-built furniture, corresponding to contemporary trends. In 1930, a... Read more


The company was founded in 1819 by Michael Thonet, who experimented with bentwood furniture. It didn't take long for Thonet and his sons to make this furniture on an industrial scale. They started to produce their own designs and in a very short time they became the main furnitur... Read more


Thonet-Mundus was founded in 1926 and continued the original Thonet company, a factory for bentwood furniture. The original factory in Bystřice pod Hostýnem (founded by Michael Thonet in 1861) became the development center of the entire Gebrüder Thonet company and exported its pr... Read more

Vichr a spol.

The company was founded in Brno by the businessman Kondrád Vichr. In 1908, a Czech hardware store opened in Kobližná Street. The company prospered very quickly and in the 1930s already had two sales floors, several employees and the range expanded to include domestic needs of all... Read more

Wiener Werkstätte

Arts and crafts workshops founded by Josef Hoffmann, Koloman Moser and Fritz Waerndorfer. They operated between 1903 and 1932. They sought primarily to restore the artistic and technical qualities of arts and crafts. Wiener Werkstätte were divided into the following departments: ... Read more