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Hynek Gottwald, Brandýs nad Orlicí

The company was founded by Ignác (Hynek) Gottwald in 1894 as a shop with household goods, among other things, for the sale and production of furniture based in Prague. In 1913 he specialized in the production of then fashionable brass furniture (especially beds, bedside and flower tables). The heirs for the expanded production bought a former weaving mill in Brandýs nad Orlicí and founded a joint-stock company called Hynek Gottwald. In 1928, the company began to manufacture furniture from bent steel tubes, originally nickel-plated, since 1930 already chrome-plated. At the time, she collaborated with leading Czech designers, such as L. Žák, M. Kučerova-Záveska and J. Halabala, to design types. The permanent designer was mainly KE Ort. From 1937, the company began to produce tubular seats for various means of transport (cars, trams and CSD cars).
In 1948, the company was nationalized and incorporated into the national company Kovona.
In 1995, the company CIEB Kahovec was established, which continues to manufacture special seats for vehicles.