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We restore and sell original functional furniture. In our offer you will find beautiful pieces from the work of Mucke Melder, NAPAKO, Hynek Gottwald, Vichr etc.

Dining set

František Langer

professionally restored originals, original wood repaired and varnished in matt lacquer to the original shade, tubular constructions newly chromed

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Armchair K 17 / P

Marcel Breuer (1902–1981)

professionally restored originals, original wood professionally cleaned, varnished to the original shade, new filling, original upholstery professionally cleaned and repaired, new edging, original chrome tubular construction polished

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Sofa C9

Marcel Breuer (1902–1981)

professionally restored original, original chrome professionally polished, new classic upholstery according to the original appearance, including a new feather filling with a contrasting bead, painted in the original shade.

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PS 15 desk

Robert Slezák

Professionally restored original, original wood and veneers repaired, surface in high-gloss shellac polish, metal parts newly galvanized

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Positioning chair Fn 26

Lorenz Anton (1891-1964)

Professionally restored original, new filling and upholstery exclussive in the intentions of the original appearance, construction newly galvanized, armrests painted in the shade of the manufacturer.

Identical, resp. a similar chair was manufactured by the Gottwald company as cat. type Ek 40 or the Slezák company as cat. type K 31.

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Secretary SK 12

Robert Slezák

Marked by the manufacturer, professionally restored original, original wood and veneer repaired, surface in high-gloss shellac polish, original tubular and metal parts newly chromed, original fully functional locks including original keys, original showcase glass

The offered men's secretary, veneered today with a very rare and inaccessible Caucasian walnut, represents one of the peaks of the custom production of the manufacturer Slezák.

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Popular brands

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Functionalism is an architectural doctrine that can be included in the general concept of modern architecture. It began to crystallize in the 1920s and, like previous historical styles, sought its expression in forms expressing its philosophy, influenced by societal changes.

Unique originals...

We sell exclusively historical originals of functionalist furniture from leading manufacturers such as Hynek Gottwald, Robert Slezák, Mücke-Melder and others. All pieces are carefully restored following the original manufacturing procedures. For each piece, you are 100% sure that you are not buying an imitation.

All offered products can be viewed at our showroom in Beroun by prior arrangement.